My clients usually consist of moms and dads of newly born babies and up to preschool children, that have questions regarding the upbringing and care of their offspring.

Due to my professional expertise I am also a consultant for facilities like playschool and day care centers.

The consultation takes place in your home or at the given facility.

Gesundheitszentrum für interdisziplinäre Medizin
Schaffhauserstr. 367
8050 Zürich
Tel. 044 310 87 87

ZADZ (Zentrum für Angst-und Depressionserkrankungen)
Riesbachstrasse 61
8008 Zürich
Tel. 044 368 66 00

The four steps my consultation is based on
  1. Determining the issues
    What are you worried about? What, in your opinion, causes the current problems?
  2. Framing the current situation
    Observe what works and analyze child-parent communication. Sometimes (depending on the situation) with the help of shooting videos.
  3. Learning to "read" the child
    Translating its needs from infant language (including gestures and other forms of physical expression) into adult language. Realize how misunderstanding between child and parent happens.
  4. Searching for new paths
    Describe through given scenarios how an improved communication can develop. Planning the next concrete steps.