IMG-copy-20If, for whatever reasons, problems arise while raising children, it is mainly the mothers that ask the themselves what they have been doing wrong.
In my consultations, I focus first on what parents do right, which is in most cases quite a lot. Every mom and dad have a deep rooted desire to do whatever it takes for their child to optimally grow and flourish. In our dayly life though, this attitude can get a bit lost. The outlook narrows, and insecurity creeps in, which erodes the parent’s self-confidence.

In my consultations I see myself as an outside expert, sometimes also as a troubleshooter who supports you in winning back the view for the bigger picture.. I look at the family as a multifaceted field of relationships in which the child is a full-fledged partner, and the parents act not only as mother and father, but also in their combined status as a couple.

I don’t have all the answers, but as an outsider I have a more unbiased view. In all these years working with families, I have learned that there is never a one-and-only solution to a problem, but rather a distinct one for each individual family.